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Equipping workers

TalkThrough is a Christian ministry that works across the UK. The majority of work is in Gloucestershire and South Herefordshire. Please continue down the page to see what TalkThrough provides.

Locally we are supporting the ministry of a charity based in Cheltenham and another in the Forest of Dean. We are also helping South West Youth Ministries to establish their training for ministry programmes in the Cheltenham and Cotswold Districts.

In the past we have worked locally with the Diocese of Gloucester and delivered training in Cheltenham.

TalkThrough is here to support churches in the area who want to be equipped to support young peoples wellbeing.

TalkThrough Provides

Workshops around the subject of mental health and wellbeing in young people. These are geared at paid and volunteer youth workers, chaplains, pastoral teams, parents, chaplains, churches and organisations, mainly within the Christian faith sector.

We provide consultancy to churches, charities and organisations seeking to support well-being in young people.

We develop connections and work in collaboration with others to create New Projects, Resources and Services that support wellbeing in young people across the UK. We are currently working on four new projects nationally.

We seek to connect people to resources and sources of help for young people.

We provide retreats and mentoring for youth workers.

Please do explore the various areas of ministry available by visiting our website. Join the mailing list so we can keep you updated and get in touch if you would like to know more.

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