About Us

Churches and Christian ministries in Cheltenham, Winchcombe and Tewkesbury are particularly well represented within Mid Cotswold Evangelical Alliance (MCEA). A welcome is extended to others in Gloucestershire and neighbouring counties. Mid Cotswold Evangelical Alliance (MCEA) draws together local evangelical churches, ministries and individual Christians for the purpose of:

  • Networking
  • Unity
  • Prayer

Mid Cotswold Evangelical Alliance (MCEA) comes under the umbrella of the Evangelical Alliance UK. We have an affinity with the unity for transformation movements in UK as represented by Gather.

Since 1992 MCEA has been highly effective in bringing together evangelical church ministers and directors of Christian ministries. MCEA consistently attracts 15-25 representatives every two months to meetings which are either coffee meetings or lunch meetings. Everyone involved views it as a valuable means of encouragement for busy people building local church and local ministry.

Invites to the bi-monthly MCEA meetings go out to representatives of the member churches and ministries. If you would like to receive an invite please contact the secretary.

About this website

This site is designed as a communications hub for Christian ministries and churches who are represented at MCEA bi-monthly meetings. These churches and ministries have a feature page to communicate their character, vision and team information. Alongside this, they can post news and announcements of events.

It is envisioned that leadership teams will be able to use this site to conveniently find out the latest information about who else is in their area or to discover what outreach and ministry is currently being carried out. It's a know-your-neighbour, see-the-latest-news opportunity.

The aim is for churches to be able to better present their profile within the local Christian community of churches and for ministries to be able to better cement their current connections with their local church support base.

(This is a mobile first site. In addition, on a mobile you can install it from your browser on your home screen.)