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GTS serves local churches and Christian groups by offering tailor-made courses that challenge participants to think, discuss, learn and reflect together. We provide the facilitation - but GTS is the theology school that comes to you - enabling people to meet together in their own safe and familiar context, or even online.

GTS group session
GTS Group Session

Our vision is to help Christians and congregations grow together in their faith, gain confidence in the bible, and discover how to think and engage in meaningful theological discourse as the people of God – not as professionals, but as ordinary Christians. We do this by providing interactive courses and unique events designed specifically to fit each particular church or group of participants.

Sample courses include:

Unlocking the Bible; God and Creation; The Kingdom and the Future; Engaging Contemporary Issues; Harmony of the Gospels; The Passion Week of Jesus.

Course Facilitator
Course Facilitator Dr Dan Button - 'But what do YOU think?'

For further information about courses, people and events:

GTS director and course facilitator: Dr Daniel Button

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GTS is a Registered Charity No. 1181897