Christian Arts Festival

Author: Nikki Seville (Published: )

Arts Festival Collage


To celebrate our loving Creator God through a Christian Arts festival, accessible to those of any faith or of none, that showcases the diversity of the God-given creative talent of many.

Rachel Treweek, Bishop of Gloucester, our Patron, sums up our hugely successful Festivals inaugurated in 2015, "I have witnessed a wonderful showcase where creative artists share their faith through many expressions such as song, visual art, drama and storytelling."

The events have been enjoyed by a wide range of audiences from different faith backgrounds and those of no faith who respect the Christian invitation to everyone to celebrate, explore and discover more of life in many joyful and vibrant ways.

Cheltenham Christian Arts Festival produces Christian arts festivals in Cheltenham and Gloucester using talent locally but also inviting artists and performers from further afield. The Festival welcomes and unifies Christian Churches in Cheltenham of all denominations as they come together to celebrate God and reach out into the communities around them.

The Festivals offer a range of artistic expression including performance, music, visual arts, dance and exhibitions. Educational talks, workshops and competitions encourage participants to explore the themes of artistic expression and the Christian faith.

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