YMCA Sleep Easy 2022 - Friday 11th March

Homelessness continues to be an ever-growing issue in our society. In 2019/20, 288,470 people were declared homeless or threatened with homelessness in England. More than 60,000 were aged 16–24.

21% of all applicants assessed as homeless by local authorities in England in 2019/20 were aged 16-24; this equates to 160 (actual 164.38) young people being declared homeless or threatened with homelessness every day across the country.

With the full effects of the COVID-19 pandemic yet to be fully understood, what we do know is that the demand for YMCA Cheltenham’s accommodation services has never been greater and our residents have never needed more support.

In the last year, we provided in excess of 47,000 nights of safe and supported accommodation to those in significant need across our services in Gloucester and Cheltenham.

YMCA Cheltenham provides a range of support to residents through a team of specialist housing support workers. Our team provides 24-hour support to our residents, many of whom have complex needs. Residents are given help to develop an individual support plan and are encouraged to access a range of activities designed to help them become independent and realise their full potential.

How can you help?

On Friday 11th March 2022, YMCA Cheltenham is holding its 9th annual Sleep Easy event - part of YMCA’s national Sleep Easy campaign where people across the country sleep rough for one night to raise money for their local YMCA.

You can book a place for Sleep Easy 2022 HERE.

Not taking part - then please donate!

If you would like to sponsor an individual fundraiser taking part in Sleep Easy please CLICK HERE.