The Parish of West Cheltenham

Our Vision

Our vision is to see communities and places buzzing with the extraordinary presence of Jesus.

Who We Are

We are one united church across three key locations:

  • St Mark's (St Mark's)
  • St Barnabas (Rowanfield)
  • St Aidan & St Silas (Hesters Way)

Join Us

We're currently running a reduced service schedule;

  • Join us every Sunday LIVE on YouTube at 10.30am.
  • Join us every Sunday at 9.30am at St Barnabas
  • Join us at 10.30am on the 6th June at St Mark's
  • Join us every Wednesday for communion - 10am at St Mark's

Outside of COVID-19, we meet across all locations at 10.30am on Sundays for worship and teaching:

St Mark's - band led contemporary worship with age-appropriate childrens groups and live teaching.
St Barnabas - recorded contemporary worship with live teaching.
St Aidan & St Silas - more traditional piano and vocal led worship with live teaching.

In addition to this, St Mark's has a more traditional service at 9am each Sunday with organ-led hymns and live teaching, as well as a midweek communion on Wednesday's at 10am.

Meet The Team

Lead Vicar - Rod Paterson
Associate Vicar - Sharon Walker
Community Pioneer Minister - Starting August 2021
Office & Operations - Josh Denley

Get In Touch

FACEBOOK - WestChelt
INSTAGRAM - @westchelt
YouTube - WestChelt
PHONE - 07990264554 / 01242580022