Teaching Pages

We were in one of the slums in Kathmandu. Kids, there are still deprived of access to the technology. We are there to break that barrier and give new opportunities.

Photo by tribesh kayastha / Unsplash

Teaching Pages is an international ministry teaching Bible understanding for life application through internet resources. It's earliest website was created in Cheltenham in 1997. The director and main author is Simon Measures.

Connections with people worldwide have been made over the years which have led to the development of a number of fruitful Christian relationships. In particular it has led to a link between Harvest Field Church, Cheltenham and churches in Kenya, India and the Philippines. These churches make use of the ministry resources provided by Teaching Pages and receive regular support from Harvest Field Church. They have all had personal visits by ministry teams from here.

Website (awaiting an upgrade): www.teachingpages.co.uk