MCEA’S End of Year Lunch 2021 Review

Out of the Ashes

On Wednesday the 24th of November we met up at the Elim Christian Centre on St Georges Road Cheltenham. We were treated to incredible Christian music by Out of the Ashes. Their performance was a lively mix of R&B, Blues and Jazz with inspiring lyrics and dazzling light show alongside complementary video backing their message. It was a fantastic start to the afternoon.

Listen to Out of Ashes here

After a brief introduction from YMCA Cheltenham’s CEO Joseph Main. Rev Mike Monokian took the microphone conveying to us the joys and difficulties overcome in his life, and ministry.

Mike began his ministry some 40 years ago on the drug-torn and violent streets of Downtown Miami in the epicentre of the Crack Cocaine epidemic that was to wreak so much havoc across the United States. Since then, he and his wife, through ROCK Ministries have worked and served with the most disadvantaged in US society and those who would be considered furthest from the possibility of redemption. In recent years, Mike has been supporting church leaders and emerging church leaders through guidance learned from decades of wisdom and experience.

Rev Mike Monokian

Mike is here in Cheltenham as a guest of the YMCA and has been engaging with staff, residents, and others - supporting them and helping gently support their faith aspiration with his insight and irresistible Southern charm!
The speech was uplifting, funny and in parts heart-rending. It reminded the listener to keep hope and faith in face of life’s challenges.

After Mike’s testimony we enjoyed some food and drink from Subway as well as a variety of pastries.

The meeting was a success despite the short notice in organising it. We would like to thank all those that attended. I am sure that everyone had a great time talking and getting to know each other better.

The Meeting was attended by representatives from the following organisations: Cheltenham Elim Church, Cambray Baptist Church, St Lukes, Cheltenham Salvation Army Community Church, C3 church Cheltenham, Gateway Theology School, Kings table, Cheltenham Seventh-day Adventist Church, West Cheltenham Parish, Glory Road Ministries, Family Space, St Mark's and Cheltenham YMCA

We would like to thank all those that attended, and look forward to seeing them again at our next MCEA lunch.