Good call! New course on Christian ethics

Gateway Theology School are really happy to be running their first course on site since Covid-19! The course is entitled 'Good Call: Ethics for Churches in the 21st Century'.

Good Call is a 5-week course beginning 25th Jan. It's running on Tuesdays 7.30-9.15pm at St Andrew’s Church, Churchdown.

Facilitated by Rev’d Dr Stephen Goundrey-Smith, an experienced parish priest, a pharmacist, scholar in Christian ethics and Associate Tutor in Christian Ethics at Cuddesdon College - Gloucester & Hereford.

Course Description

We make decisions all the time – often under pressure because of time contraints, or the expectations of people around us. How can we be sure that the decisions that matter are good decisions? That they’re made well, that good outcomes are sought, and that the decision-making process honours God and respects those around us? This course explores ethics for the local church, and aims to equip individuals and churches to make good choices. It outlines key ethical principles and the riches that the Christians church brings to the task of doing ethics.

Includes topics such as: caring for the environment, medical dilemmas, sex & marriage – and an opportunity to explore topics of individual interest.

To register your interest for either course, contact Dr Daniel Button at: Gateway Info