EA UK magazine articles

Photo by Markus Winkler / Unsplash

Idea, the bi-monthly EA UK magazine, regularly has articles that challenge us as ministers to reflect on the broader scope of our ministries and to consider areas of ministry we've perhaps overlooked. The May/June and July/August magazines are no exception. Below are a selection of such articles.

Domestic violence: Is your church doing enough?

Domestic violence is a problem in our congregations, as much as it is in wider society, so it’s time local churches spoke up and did something.

In this article Bekah Legg calls, "Let’s raise our voices to affirm the value of every member of our community and to stand against abuse in all its forms."

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Written by Bekah Legg, CEO of Restored.

Supporting the country's bereaved

As the UK recovers from the pandemic, can I urge you to think how you can engage with our country’s bereaved?

In this article Yvonne reminds us, "Grief is a necessary human response to loss, and bereavement needs to be processed for healing to be reached."

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Written by Rev Canon Yvonne Richmond Tulloch