Discount offer on a new youth well-being resource

Dear Friends

I am pleased to be able to offer everyone at MCEA a discount on 10:10 a New Youth Wellbeing / Missional resource being launched by the Ugly Duckling Company.

Click here to visit the 10:10 website and pre-order:
10:10 website
Use Discount code: TenTen at checkout to receive your discount.

10:10 is designed to help young people discover how to live differently and discover their best life. Exploring 10 themes built on spirituality and positive psychology it will give 11-17 year old’s the opportunity to explore different ideas around happiness and the art of living well.

10:10 seeks to explore wellbeing from the foundations of what we know helps people to live well. It explores ideas like thankfulness, kindness, forgiveness, healthy relationships, coping strategies and how to look after the mind, body and soul. The resource features a series of films, expert content, group discussions, creative exercises, experiments and additional downloadable resources.

10:10 is ideal for small groups, lessons, lunch time clubs, assemblies, discussions and talks. You could run 10:10 as a course or you could pick out themes to deliver as and when you need them in a way that suits you. There are at least 30 hours’ worth of material in 10:10.

It is now available to pre-order and you can have £25.00 off the full retail price of our Starter Pack 1 retailing at £80.00. That means you can purchase 10:10 for just £55.00 plus £4.50 postage and packing. For this you will receive a printed leaders guide packed with lots of content to help you explore each theme. You will also receive a memory stick containing 19 films (including content from Joshua Luke Smith & Dr Kate Middleton), 10 PowerPoints and supporting materials for each of the themes.

For an additional £20 you could order Starter Pack 2 which, as well as the above, includes a set of 10:10 discussion cards. The box contains ten mini packs -a total of 160 cards - designed to stimulate conversations around each of the ten themes. Just using the cards alone would you give you enough content for at least 10 sessions and offers the potential for endless conversations.

Our early bird discount is only available until 31st July so hurry and pre-order your copy now. Delivery is expected towards the end of August.

Click here to visit the 10:10 website and order:
10:10 website
Use Discount code: TenTen at checkout to receive:

Summer Discount: Order before 10th October: £65.00 for Starter Pack 1 or £85.00 for Starter Pack 2

Normal Retail Price: Orders from 1st October: £80.00 for Starter Pack 1 or £100.00 for Starter Pack 2

10:10 has been developed with a generous grant from AllChurches Trust.