Street Pastors are recruiting

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Photo by André Noboa / Unsplash

Nigel Bennett, our local Street Pastors' chair, is asking for your help!

Cheltenham Street Pastors are starting a major recruitment drive to expand their patrols. They are looking to be at full strength in order to cope with the post-lockdown activity in the town centre.

Presently Cheltenham Street Pastors has 45 street pastors and 35 prayer pastors and we would like to increase those numbers. What we need are practicing Christians (no age limit) and we would ask you to approach your congregation to see if any member is interested.

To aid this, we would be happy to:

  • offer you or any potential candidates a tour to see CSP in action
  • the same offer applies to prayer pastors
  • come to your Church and speak to your congregation for about 8 minutes
  • attend any other gathering you suggest

Cheltenham Street Pastors (CSP) has been operating every Friday (22.00 to 04.00) and Saturday (22.00 to 04.00) continuously since December 2009, except during the recent lockdowns. Cheltenham is the third largest night time economy in South West England following Plymouth and Bristol with up to 30,000 revellers on the street usually on a summer Saturday.

We provide a Christian presence on the streets offering help in various ways. We do not preach nor are we judgmental. Our purpose is to offer help and reassurance to those in need. Street Pastors are happy to share their faith and pray if people request this. This can be a great opportunity to share the gospel and show God's love to the people in Cheltenham in action and word.

We act independently but at the same time closely with the police and local authority.

We hope that you are able to help us in promoting 'The Church in Action on the Streets' and we look forward to hearing from you.


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