CaBiC Anna Chaplaincy

Delivering pastoral outreach to older people in Cheltenham and Bishop's Cleeve


CaBiC is an interdenominational charity being set up to support and coordinate ministry to older people in Cheltenham and Bishop's Cleeve as part of the national Gift of Years Anna Chaplaincy scheme.

CaBiC is a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation (1183787)

Our objective

The principle objective is to appoint a central Anna Coordinator, who will provide support to existing initiatives and help to promote new ones.

They will also seek to foster coordination between churches in the area and to act as a central contact point for outside agencies and the care industry. They will provide up to date resources training in this area.

CaBiC is generously supported by grants from:

What is Anna Chaplaincy?

Anna Chaplaincy is an interdenominational, community-based and person-centred approach to supporting older people spiritually and pastorally.

When asked to describe an Anna Chaplain, John, then in his 90th year, said :Anna Chaplains are here to listen to the wisdom that those in older generations have in their hearts and minds - full to overflowing.
Anna Chaplains are here to help older people share their memories and all that they have experienced in life with the rest of us.

Anna Chaplains are here to bring the young and old together so that they can enjoy each other.Anna Chaplains are here to sit alongside those of older years, especially the most vulnerable, to be a friend and guide and stick up for them whenever they need it.Anna Chaplains are here to sit day by day with those who face many difficulties in body mind and spirit, spending quality time with individuals in their private homes, sheltered accommodation, retirement flats, care homes - wherever they might be, and especially at the end of their life.

Anna Chaplains are here to make life easier wherever possible by their presence, their prayers and with practical support.
Anna Chaplains are here to help older people hold fast to the good things of life and point to God who will never leave them or forsake them.

From Anna Chaplaincy Handbook by Debbie Thrower published by The Bible Reading Fellowship

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For further information please contact Brian Dunlop via email or telephone:
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