Apostle - a musical in a day

Are you a church leader looking for a way to bring your congregation together with other Christian denominations in your area? If so, we have the perfect event for you!

Christian Music Ministries is hosting an inter-denominational event on February 25th that will bring together churches from across Cheltenham. This event is a scratch choir/orchestra day that will culminate in a concert performance in the evening of a musical telling the story of the apostle Paul.

This event is a great opportunity for churches to come together and share their love of music and faith. It is also a wonderful way to bring people of different denominations together to celebrate their shared beliefs. The event will be a great way to build relationships between churches and create a sense of unity among the Christian community in Cheltenham.

We invite you to spread the word about this event to your congregation and encourage them to participate. We are looking for singers, instrumentalists, and other volunteers to help make this event a success.

Please download the event poster for your noticeboard or distribution. Here's the link - Apostle - learn a musical in a day

Book places for singers and orchestra parts by contacting Mike Beamish by text/Whatsapp/call on 07925 858297

We look forward to hearing from you and to seeing you at the event!